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Microsoft Minecraft Deal

Microsoft Minecraft DealIf you follow any of the technology newsites, you might have heard about the Microsoft Minecraft Deal. It's been rumored for the last several months that Microsoft wanted to purchase Minecraft, but nothing official has come about yet. According to Mojang, the privately held Swedish company that makes Minecraft, they had sales last year of $360 million. Considering the game is blocky and well pretty much just pixels, it's no wonder we see so many clones. And really at this point, I am not sure that Mojang could really gain much from selling to Microsoft, but the gains that Microsoft would get would be enormous.

[Edit] Sale of Minecraft was confirmed today Sept 15. Microsoft is the proud new owner of this pixel block sandbox.

Microsoft Minecraft Deal

So what can Microsoft hope to accomplish by getting a Microsoft Minecraft Deal? First, they will be able to bring Minecraft to XBox. Really though, Mojang could do this on their own, with only a small licensing fee to worry about - small to Mojang anyways (around $10k per release/update), that's not something which could prevent them from releasing.

All in One Minecraft Players GuideIt's speculated that the Microsoft Minecraft Deal could be because Microsoft wants to ensure that they have a gateway into the VR world, more specifically around Oculus Rift's 2 varying VR Headsets to be released soon.

Of course with dismal sales of the XBox One, bringing Minecraft to this platform, could boost sales. Take for example the recent release of the XBox One into Japan which garnered less then 25 thousand sales, where competitors Sony's PS4 and WiiU had releases upwards in the 100-150 thousand units sales, or even the dismal sales in the USA, where XBox One is trailing behind the PS4 with sales equal to about 1/4 of those for Sony's platform.

At this point, rumors still persist, but the Microsoft Minecraft Deal may be on a rocky landscape, which could entail the deal falling through. We should know more within the next few days on how the Microsoft Minecraft Deal fares.

Would Microsoft purchasing Minecraft be a gain or a loss for consumers? At this point it's hard to tell. There are both pluses and negatives to Microsoft purchasing Minecraft. However imho Microsoft screwed up Skype when they purchased it, making it more buggy then before and taking away many of the features I loved, and making them premium. So personally, I would like to see the Microsoft Minecraft Deal fall through. If you're an Old School MMO Gamer, you might also remember how Microsoft ran Asheron's Call into the ground, again proving my point.

Read more about the Microsoft Minecraft Deal here.

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