Tera Online: UnCensor Female Human Model

This is a skin swap for the Tera Online Human model. This was originally intended to uncensor the Human Female Model, however with my archives missing, and the old links being taken down, this is now a more recent update which is a full on Nude Hack for Tera Female Humans.

I do NOT have the old Uncensor files, which would turn the US version into the Korean version of the game, as far as the skins went. If someone has these old files, please link me them and I will provide them as well.

Full Downloads: Argon's Leveling GuideEleos Leveling GuideVelik's Tera Leveling Guide

You can view some samples by clicking the following link:


terahumr07 terahumr03 terahumh15 terahuml21 terahumr0



4 Responses to Tera Online: UnCensor Female Human Model

  1. anthony says:

    This link also needs updating if at all possible thank you very much

  2. blackheart says:

    I will look into it. Need to see if I have the files saved or where they might be backed up.

  3. blackheart says:

    Updated. Thanks again for letting us know about a dead link. Please like us and let your friends know about the site as well.

  4. anthony says:

    no problem, thanks for being like the only place i’ve found actually with the files 🙂

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