Monster Hunter World Cheat Table

Monster Hunter World Cheat TableDo you need a Monster Hunter World Cheat Table? Would you like to have infinite health, unlimited money, or to set your own hunter rank? These are just a few of the possible game hacks with the use of this CT for Cheat Engine.

Enjoy the ultimate hunting experience on Monster Hunter World, using everything at your disposal to hunt monsters in a new world teeming with surprises and excitement. Available on the XBox One, PS4, and Windows (via Steam). Over 8 million copies sold, will work on single player, co-op, and multiplayer.

Monster Hunter World Cheat Table Options

Character Stats/Info

  • Inf Heath
  • Inf Stamina
  • Inf Item Use
  • Max Sharpness
  • Inf Mantle Duration
  • No Mantle CD
  • No Palico Gadget CD
  • Inf Slinger Ammo
  • Easily Break Monster Parts
  • All Monsters Shown On Map
  • Maxed Slots
  • 1 Jewel Maxes Skill Level
  • Unlock Charms
  • Unlock Decorations
  • Unlock Augments
  • Unlock Armor/Weapons For Current Tier Level
  • Inf Lucky Vouchers
  • Zeni/Research Pointers/Flags
  • GC Weapon Usage
  • HR Exp Multiplier
  • Palico Exp Multiplier
  • Palico Gadget Exp Multiplier
  • Monster Research Multiplier
  • Weapon Buffs
  • Buffs/Defense/Resistance (WIP)
  • Highlighted Armor Editor
  • Ignore Crafting Requirements
  • Highlighted Item Pointer
  • Kill/Wound All Large Monsters
  • Teleport

pox911's Scripts:

  • Inf Gathering

Idlehands88's Scripts:

  • Have All Items
  • Have All Ammo
  • Have All Materials
  • Have All Event Materials
  • Have All Decorations

dec1337's Scripts:

  • Inf Barrel Placements
  • Unlimited Investigations

seikur0's Scripts:

  • Highlighted Weapon Edited

Marcus101RR's Scripts:

  • Item Param Static Data
  • Player Pointers

WARNING: Be very careful with the hunter rank, you shouldn't edit that unless you know exactly what you're doing. Also, the same with Insta-Complete Bounties and the option for limited bounties (it can break certain questlines)

Monster Hunter World Cheat Table Instructions

Please note: This is a cheat table. You will need to have Cheat Engine installed to use this hack.  

  1. Download the Cheat Table (below)
  2. Download Cheat Engine from
  3. Run Cheat Engine
  4. Select the Monster Hunter World process, then click the open folder
  5. Select the Cheat Table
  6. Toggle Features on/off
  7. Profit!

Download Monster Hunter World Cheat Table

Updated to v1.9

Warning: As with all game hacks, bots, and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you.

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Below video does not show Monster Hunter World Cheat Table in action

Monster Hunter World Cheat Table Changelog



  1. - Inf Insect Glaive Jumping Attack
  2. - Abnormal Status Buildup Multiplier
  3. - Large Monster Size Modifier
  4. - Monster Health + Overlay Bar
  5. - Large Monster Size Modifier (Added to GC Editor)


++ Updated for Game Revision 152771


  1. - All Broken Scripts


  1. - Set Max Map Zoom Amount
  2. - Meal Editor
  3. - Latent Power Always Active and Super Buffed
  4. - All Armors Craftable To Infinite Crafting
  5. - All Event/Challenge Quests Available
  6. - Weapon Mods Folder


++ All Scripts Duplicated to the Credits Tab !!(If something is broken, please test these before posting on the thread)!!


  1. - Inf Item Use
  2. - Hammer Power Charge Always Active (The glow around the hammer will not be active but you will still have the damage buff, health regen and the attack pattern change.)
  3. - Max Bow Charge
  4. - Insta Quest-Return


  1. - Inf Charge Blade Sword Charge to Weapon Buffs
  2. - 3 Level Charges to Inf Spirit Gauge
  3. - Cannons Always Loaded and Inf Cannon Fire
  4. - Additional Injection point for Mission Rewards so you can edit in the mission selection menu as well
  5. - Mission Editor Completely Labeled
  6. - Selected Investigation Editor
  7. - Tempered To Map Rank In The "Investigation Editor"
  8. - Catch specific pet and Gather specific item
  9. - Gather Specific Item and "Max Gather Amount" option to "Gather Specific Item"


++ Updated For Current Game Revision 151910


  1. - Fixed Issues With Inf GL Ammo/Wyrmstake


  1. - Pointers Made By Marcus101RR
  2. - Inf Charge Blade Shield Charge to Weapon Buffs
  3. - Capture/Kill All Small Monsters
  4. - Added Layered Armor Values?
  5. + IdleHands88's Weapon and Decoration Mods 



  1. - Teleport to WP
  2. - Guild Card Weapon Usage
  3. - Hammer Power Charge Always Active
  4. - Infinite Track Gathering
  5. - Charm Editor
  6. - Max Stamina Editor (Incase you don't want Inf)
  7. - Credits Tab 



  1. - Decorations? {You NEED to have Decorations unlocked for this to work}
  2. - Conflicting issues with Inf Slinger Ammo


  1. - Inf Insect Glaive Stamina
  2. - 2 More Insta Options under Abusive Scripts
  3. - 4 Multipliers Located under Character Editor tab (HR, Palico, Palico Gadget, Monster Research)
  4. - 1 Jewel Maxes Skill Level to Experimental tab 



  1. - Inf Health
  2. - Selected Mission Rewards (Hopefully)


  1. - Added All Decorations x50 to x5000
  2. - Element Editor
  3. - Inf Lucky Vouchers Option beside the editor
  4. - Instant GS Charge to Weapon Buffs
  5. - 2 Experimental/WIP Options (Credits to Squall8)



  1. - A couple offsets and bugs


  1. - Advanced Character Editor (Includes Voucher Editor and Appearance Editor)
  2. - Abusive Instant Complete Quests and Bounties
  3. - Unlimited Barrel Placement 



  1. - Highlighted Armor Editor
  2. - Unlock Armor/Weapons For Current Tier Level
  3. - Unlock Charms
  4. - Unlock Decorations
  5. - Unlock Augments
  6. - Wound All Large Monsters (an addition too Kill)
  7. - 5 "Have All" Scripts
  8. - Inf Gathering
  9. - All Monsters Shown On Map

V1.0 *Initial Release*

*Character Stats/Info*

  1. - Inf Health
  2. - Inf Stamina
  3. - Hunter Rank
  4. - Character Name
  5. - Inf Mantle Duration
  6. - No Mantle CD


  1. - Money
  2. - Armor Spheres (Not sure if this works)
  3. - Inf Item Use
  4. - Zeni/Research Pointers

*Semi Unsafe To Use* (basically abusive pointers)

  1. - Max Sharpness
  2. - Highlighted Item Pointer
  3. - Ignore Crafting Requirements
  4. - Kill All Large Monsters


  1. - Weapon Buffs
  2. - Buffs/Defense/Resistance

Monster Hunter World Cheat Table Credits

4x4Z - Combined multiple tables into one for release.
Squall8 - Creator of the main CT.
pox911 - For finding all Item IDs and the Inf Gathering script!
seikur0 - For Bypassing the anti-cheat, making a Highlighted Weapons Pointer and avoiding collisions in the Teleport script!
Idlehands88 - For making the Have All scripts and Mods!
dec1337 - For making the Inf Barrel Placement script and the Inf Investigations script!
Marcus101RR - For making Pointers for Item Data and Player Pointers.

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