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Free Multiboxing SoftwareIt isn't often when you can simply download and try a Free Multiboxing Software. Sadly, this one is currently working only for World of Warcraft players (hoping for multiple games soon) for the time being. It's also only free while in beta.

After beta I have it on good authority, that this Free Multiboxing Software will be available as both a paid version as well as a free ad-driven version. The paid version will of course have some bonus features.

Free Multiboxing Software

There are alternatives to this Free Multiboxing Software, such as ISBoxer - which requires a monthly subscription to InnerSpace (about $10/monthly). There is also Keyclone, which will cost you $20 one-time. ISBoxer will transmit mouse movement, whereas Keyclone is just for key broadcasting. Each has their limitations.

So what exactly is this Free Multiboxing Software I am touting? As I mention, it's currently only for WoW, however it's called Poof-Boxing. It's a work in progress, but it's got some great potential. 

Free Multiboxing Software Features

  • Wow Path - Optimized for World of Warcraft.
  • Log Accounts - Multiple Account Support, auto-logs you into each account (optional).
  • Resize Games - Adjust the size of the games to fit your needs or preferences.
  • Key-Binds - Set your own key-binds.

Download Free Multiboxing Software

Poof-Boxing (beta) - Support

Other Free Multiboxing Softwares

Octopus - Setup Video

Quinbox - Setup Video (support for WoW/LoTRO) Includes Source

MuBoxer - Source only

Mutiboxer Support Software

Jamba for WoW - An addon for multiboxers which makes taking and turning in quests much easier.

Dugi's Leveling Addon - Works great in tandem and allows for multi-account speed leveling.

Do you know of any other free multiboxing software, or even one we missed from the paid versions? We want to know! leave a comment and help us get a better list going.

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