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Auto Small Chip Share Tool

Auto Small Chip Share ToolImagine all the chip shares that you can grab thanks too this Auto Small Chip Share Tool. Now you can pick up chip shares while you are at work or sleeping. Think about it, with a peak time in the afternoon, you miss out on chip shares worth 10-2001 chips, and you miss them all, just because you're away from keyboard. No more.

I left for work today, and managed to pickup 16k chips, all while I was working with this Auto Small Chip Share Tool. I came home, logged into my account and suddenly had a total of 30k extra chips. Since my shift went over the new day period, I had maxed out yesterday, then picked up more and did not hit the max gain from chip shares for today too, which is 20k per day.

Auto Small Chip Share Tool

Not only that, but now, when I goto sleep, I will be able to run this Auto Small Chip Share Tool, and again attempt to gather my max chips from small chip shares.

Step 1

Download the Auto Small Chip Share Tool: Click Here.

This auto small chip share grabbing tool, is a combination of tools to grab all the chips from your timeline. Because screens are different sizes, we need to setup the tool to work for you - but it's very easy and simple. It will work on any Windows computer in this way, and may work on a Mac or Linux assuming you have a tool you can use for mouse clicks, besides the Windows tool I am going to provide you with.

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