Automate MyVegas Gift Giving

Automate MyVegas Gift Giving- Gift FriendsIt came to me, a way to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving. How? Why? Why would you even need to? Well lets start with the fact that I was about to sit down for dinner, when I realized I needed to send out all my gifts for the day. Normally, I need to send them off to a good 1100+ people, and this can be monotonous handling 8 at a time. In fact, I began to realize the amount of time it takes, to send so many out. Now I actually found it's easier to do it form the drop down menu on the top left side of the MyVegas screen, rather then attempting to do it along the bottom, but it's still a pain sorting through who I need to send to, click on each one, then proceed to the next screen and do it all over again, 40+ times. This is when I realized how simple it would be to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving, and now I am going to share this information with you.

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Automate MyVegas Gift Giving

Note, this method I am using, you don't need to know how to macro. You don't need to set up your screen in the same resolution, you simply need about 5 minutes of patience to set it up, and then another couple minutes testing it out. But once you get it all ready, it will allow you to simply click to start it, then walk away while it runs for you.

In order to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving, you are going to need a macro program. In this case, I am going to give you the download- Click Here (see password to download a few lines below)). It's a simple program, and has some simple set up instructions. If you can't figure it out, write a reply in the comments and I will help you get the mess sorted.

Please note: the macro program is made for Windows. If you are using a different operating system you can look for a different macro program and try to follow along.

If you missed the instructions, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

Automate MyVegas Gift Giving Conclusion

If you followed the instructions as I stated, then you should have no problem setting it up to run. It can be used on most any Windows based computer and possibly in a Windows emulator, for most any game. If you are still having problems getting it to run, please do ask in the comments below. I have been known to use this program in MMOs like Rift and WoW as well. Some games have anti-macro detections in place, but MyVegas is not one of them. Most of them do not look to see if this macro program is being run, as it can be used for various other things as well.

3 Responses to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving

  1. eschroeter says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ve followed your advice religiously. Started MyVegasSlots one week ago. Created a Facebook profile just for this game. I now have 950 friends and 800 of those are neighbors. Use your macro tools for both collecting the 20K in feeds and sending gifts. Saves me a ton of time and clicks. I get a notification about every 30 seconds.

  2. Myra Andrews says:

    Do you have a Gift Automator for MAC OS10 for MyVegas?

  3. Spitt says:

    Not specifically, but wouldn’t be hard to make one, using te same technique.

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