Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method

MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick

It's time to update the LP Loyalty trick to the Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced methodmethod. This is because some of you do follow my methods religiously (smart thinking on your part).

Assuming for a moment, that you are following one of my guides on collecting chips or loyalty, there will be a point, when you are pulling in around 100k a day in chips. When this happens, it's time to switch tactics to gaining your maximum amount of LP a day. When I say max LP, there is actually a limitation of sorts. You can collect a max of 2k LP a day, when playing the slots. So be sure to watch for this if you don't play. The limit does not apply in certain situations.

Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method

Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method conclusion

As time goes on, I may change my Collecting MyVegas Loyalty methods, and as I do, VIP Members will be able to see what I come up with (in guides as well as the forums). However this method jumped me 100k LP in about 1.5 months. While not a lot, it does add up, especially for those of you who only visit Vegas once a year. For me, I live close enough that it's every few months. That first 100k I took was wonderous. Next time, I will have 4x the amount via MyVegas!



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