Earn Comps with Total Rewards

In order to Earn Comps with Total Rewards, which can then be used at various Harrah's properties, you will need to join their program, and then join their Social Rewards program. This is Caesar's-Harrah's answer to the MyVegas apps which work for MLife and Stations' casinos in Las Vegas.


Earn Comps with Total Rewards

Earn Comps with Total RewardsFirst Click Here to join Total Rewards
Then Click Here to join Social Rewards

Do not use your shares yet!

  1. “Connect Rewards” Connect
  2. “Survey Rewards” Vote
  3. “Tube Rewards” Play & Like
  4. Do the same at all properties in the Reward Network.
  5. Now use your three shares on any available share/tweet.
  6. Log in every day and use your three shares and look to see what else you can do.

With practice you will learn what uses up your three shares and what does not.

I like to play the videos (with the sound off) while I am doing other things because they take the most time to do.

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