Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned

In order to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, you may need to change the way you fundamentally play. This means that depending upon your goals in the game, you may have to change a little bit, as there are different ways to achieve different things. For example if you are playing for a daily prize, such as a prize giveaway, then you will play one way, if you are trying to maximize your Loyalty Points, another. But when we need to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, this way is fundamentally different then any other way.

Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned

To Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, we're going to need to do some things daily. Sometimes more then daily. I now have 2.1 million chips. I farm chips daily, which means I actively seek out chips to gather as many as I can daily. I have several methods I use. Now, my wife, she won't follow my advice, and it shows in her play style and how she is constantly out of chips. Me on the other hand, I have not been below 300k chips since I first started the game. If you're new, 300k might seem like a lot of chips. It's not. In fact daily, I pull in about 100k chips, without even playing the game. This is why I chose to make this guide on how to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned. 

Before I get into this guide on how to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, you need to understand something very important here. PlayStudios, the maker of myVegas, is in business to make money. They can only do this if people buy chips. They may make a little extra money in referral services for sending people various casinos, testing games (like China Mystery), or getting people to purchase cruises. However their main income generating method, is to sell you more chips. Thus, the more people who learn how to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, the less rewards will be worth because everybody will be getting chips for free -- like me. Why do I mention this? 2 reasons. First, please don't share this information with anyone else. All it takes is one leak, and we all lose out. Second, don't complain if on your daily spin, you get coinage, rather then chips. It's a free game after all. Now onto the guide on how to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned...

First and foremost, the most important thing we can have to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, is to maximize your Gift Wheel payout. This is actually fairly easy, you need only get 51 neighbors, to get the maximum of 500% bonus on the wheel. Simply adding friends who play MyVegas, won't do. You need to make them your neighbor. This is fairly simple and there are a couple ways to do this, however I am going to focus on just one, and use an image to address and easy walkthrough (see below).

Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned

The next thing...

If you follow all the advice I just gave you, then you should soon be on the road to earning massive amounts of LP and know how to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned. It's some very simple strategies, that will net you untold amounts of chips daily.  If you have anything you want to add, you can do so, in the comments below...

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2 Responses to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned

  1. eschroeter says:

    When turning friends into neighbors using your graphic, how often do you do this? Do you always choose the Select All button? My concern is that those friends who haven’t become neighbors yet will keep getting the same invitation and might get bothered.

  2. Spitt says:

    Once a day, right before sending out gifts (which I macro using the tool provided on this site for VIP members), I send out the invitation to become my neighbor. Anyone who wants to block my requests can either remove me as a friend, or choose to block out the MyVegas spam. Of course the first action will save me work at the end of the month.

    Once a month, towards the end, I remove anyone who hasn’t responded to my neighbor request in the prior 3 weeks. So I invite for 3 weeks into a new month, and then don’t send out any invites nor accept friend requests in the last week. Then I will go ahead, and at the end of the month remove non-neighbors.

    Active players won’t be bothered by the neighbor request since essentially once they accept, they no longer see that spam any longer.

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