MyVegas Auto Chip Collector

MyVegas Auto Chip Collector. Oooh, what a mouth full. I thought that you should all know, that one of these babies is finally back on the scene. I have been testing it, and using it to grab more then my fair share of chips... automatically. So this is how the MyVegas Auto Chip Collector works. I select which chip shares I want to gather *cough* 273 of them yesterday *cough* and as long as I haven't already gathered them, then in either 10, 20, or 30 seconds, my browser automatically grabs them all. In this way, I can once again start maxing the amount of chips I get for free.

MyVegas Auto Chip Collector

MyVegas Auto Chip CollectorThe interesting thing about this, is that the more people who use it, the harder it is to get more then about 20 per session, unless you go back 6-24 hours, and then it's hit or miss. But since only a few of us actually know about this working MyVegas Auto Chip Collector, I get to collect all of them, with only a few people other then myself automatically gathering them. This means, that I get every single share, that those other people make, plus the ones which my friends also post.

There are a couple things you will need, in order to make this MyVegas Auto Chip Collector work. But they are pretty simple. The first thing you need to make the MyVegas Auto Chip Collector work, is to play MyVegas. Pretty simple, right? The next is Google Chrome, it doesn't need to be the default browser - which is good, since I actually prefer Opera myself. The last thing you will need to do, is install an extension. When you do all that, press a few buttons, and you will be using your own MyVegas Auto Chip Collector. 

Because we actually get thousands of visitors a day - and I really don't want to share with that many people how to do this, I am only limiting it, to our VIP members. So if you aren't a member, signup now. If you are, then read on...

THIS MyVegas Auto Chip Collector, is how I maximize the amount of free chips I can gather daily. That, and macroing gift giving - but there's a separate post about setting up your own macro, within this site...

If you don't normally run Google Chrome, then I would like to also make some recommendations for more extensions... Ghostery, Last Pass, uBlock Origin, and X-Notifier. I use these same tools on every single browser I use, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. 

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