MyVegas Chip Share Exploit

MyVegas Chip Share Exploit

This MyVegas Chip Share Exploit is MyVegas Chip Share Exploitcurrently undetected, and probably not even known about by PlayStudio. Now before I go into the MyVegas Chip Share Exploit, let me warn you about the dangers of using an exploit such as this. Using any macro, game hack or exploit and getting caught can lead to a ban. Sure there are the people who macro, PlayStudio probably knows about that, but as long as the game isn't hacked, there isn't much that PlayStudio can do about them. Since the MyVegas Chip Share Exploit is neither a macro nor a game hack, as long as you don't brag or share this exploit, I think your account should be safe. The keyword here is "should". 

We know (by PlayStudio's admission) that all games are run on the server, the client (running on your FB instance) only displays what's happening on the server - usually after it has happened. This is not a game hack, in this case, it's unlikely that a game hack would even work in MyVegas (but it might to some extent). But again, this is an exploit, nor a game hack...

MyVegas Chip Share Exploit

By now, if you are a paid subscriber, you know where to go to get a macro, how to run it, how even to grab chip shares automatically...

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