MyVegas Collection Errors & Solutions

MyVegas Collection Errors & SolutionsIf you have a lot of friends in MyVegas, then you have probably run into some MyVegas Collection Errors. It's anywhere from 45-60 actions you can make, when you accepts gifts from friends, neighbor invites, etc. Each time you collect, you need to refresh the page. But it will get to the point, where you are refreshing for 10-15 minutes - which you have to do, otherwise you can't collect properties.

There are seemingly 4 common MyVegas Collection Errors. The solutions for these MyVegas Collection Errors are in turn pretty simple. Lets go over the simplest first.

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MyVegas Collection Errors & Solutions

If you can't collect your properties, then chances are you have a gift waiting for you in cue. This usually shows itself as a bar which won't completely collect, usually stuck around 95% or so.
MyVegas Collection Errors Solution: Refresh your browser until you have less then 30 acceptance actions.

Second, your game is running extremely laggy after you accepted and replied to all those gifts. This is likely caused by the server bogging down under so many message responses and saves.
MyVegas Collection Errors Solution: Refresh your browser window. If it continues, wait a few minutes before refreshing.

Next, you cycle through all those gifts, and want to get down to the strip to collect, but you see an orange loading bar, but nothing else happens.
MyVegas Collection Errors Solution: Open a game and play 1-5 spins of any game. After which you can close the game, and go down to your MyVegas strip to collect properties.

The final error, and this one I call the Cloud Level, is after sending out your gifts. You have already cycled through and collected everything, but you just sent out gifts as well. There is no loading bar, just the cloud cover over the MyVegas strip. If you try refreshing or opening a game, you get the loading bar, but it disappears and then the clouds sit there again.
MyVegas Collection Errors Solution: Open MyVegas in another browser window. If I am using Chrome, I switch to Opera. You might use Safari, Maxthon, or Firefox, which ever you prefer.

If you are region locked, and cannot get into the game, or you are visiting Las Vegas and want to get another bonus, you are going to need a VPN for MyVegas. Get a VPN for MyVegas here - Use it on your phone or computer, software included!

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