MyVegas Coupons Cheat Theory

MyVegas Coupons Cheat

MyVegas Coupons CheatThis MyVegas Coupons Cheat is theoretical at this point, and I will need some more time to test it, but it's worth mentioning, so that others can also test it out. In theory, it should be possible to apply more then one event coupon to an account, as long as they are not already used.


MyVegas Coupons Cheat Theory Explained

Getting additional MyVegas coupons is easy. But the situation requires breaking the TOS of Facebook - which many already do anyways, to create multiple MyVegas accounts, with multiple Facebook accounts.

HideMyAss.comThe steps for the MyVegas Coupons Cheat, are fairly easy.

  1. Make multiple email accounts
  2. Use a tool to view emails from multiple sources
  3. Make multiple FaceBook accounts, with different names
  4. Collect monthly bonus coupons
  5. Use on same account

It should be noted, that you should not need to use a VPN, just be sure to clear your cookies, when making multiple accounts. However it is recommended to use a VPN when you log into each of the accounts, but not on your own, as this is your "real account". Should they track IPs, then your home account (the one with all the Loyalty Points) would then be safe.

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