Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick

Hit the 20k Chip Feed MyVegas Max Quicker

You can use this Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick, following these easy instructions, to gather your max chip feed collection super fast. Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed TrickAssuming for a moment that you collect chips from your chip feed, and maybe you use an aggregator tool, there is another way to grab more, much quicker. It's actually possible to gather 4 to 5 "feeds" at the same time, reducing your collection time significantly.

Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick

The first thing you need to do in order to use the Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick, is get yourself a Sandbox. In this case, we are going to use Sandboxie which is going to allow us to have multiple instances of your browser open at the same time, but not able to react with any other instance of it.

Go ahead and install Sandboxie, then, go to

Remember! "Impressive" is for the Red coins only. You can use the Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick this way, but with enough time on your hands, you can also collect the 20k from shares over a rolling 24 hour period - without using this Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick. If you are collecting from 500-1000 active friends as well as from the small chip share you should easily hit 20k in 24 hours. Remember that chips from emails, collections from hotels on your strip, from the Hotel Twitter feeds and websites, and chips won in the game do NOT count towards that limit so there are still lots of ways to get chips even if you have hit Impressive with your friends shares.

Sandboxie was originally developed to test software in it. You can use it to safely test any piece of software you are suspicious of. Run the software, and when you are done, close the SandBoxie instance to wipe out any "changes" the software has made. Some anti-malware programs allow you to run software in their own sandbox, however it's often difficult to get it to run on request, rather then when you are opening suspicious software.

If you're ever playing a game on your computer, and the game itself does not allow multiple instances of the same software to be run, you can run one instance in a Sandbox, the other normally. Neither will be able to interact with the other. But nothing outside the sandbox can also interact with the game, except addons already within it, keyboard, and mouse. If you need another program to be able to interact with the game, then instead you would use VMWare.

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