Remote Control MyVegas while AFK

Remote Control MyVegas

Remote Control MyVegasIf you have a mobile Android or iPhone device, you can Remote control MyVegas by installing TeamViewer. Doing this will allow you to send gifts, collect properties, and even set up spins. Since this is not a macro tool, it's not against MyVegas' Terms of Service (TOS), which means they can't use it to ban or remove your Loyalty Points. There are plenty of similar tools, but TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use and works on Mac, iPhone, Linux, Android, and Windows - thus making for a cheap way to Remote Control MyVegas.

Remote Control MyVegas while AFK

In order to Remote Control MyVegas, you will need to install both the program on both your smart phone and on your computer. Once installed on your computer, you will need to set up some functions which will allow you to remote control your computer with your device. It's fairly simple to do, so I won't go through that portion, unless someone asks for help in the comments.

Note: Because of the way that TeamViewer works, you won't be able to setup a macro to run, while you are not physically at your computer... unless you...

Bonus Remote Control MyVegas Tip: When collecting properties, move the mouse cursor to the upper most right of the screen, then move your finger to the top right of your screen, double tap, holding your finger down on the second tap, then drag your finger to the bottom left of your phone screen.

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