When Traveling Use Orbitz

When Traveling Use Orbitz. There is a reason, this is true. Why, because of their discounts and Orbucks. Orbucks is their loyalty rewards. So first when you goto their site, you're going to see a few different options.

Since I like to drive in to Las Vegas NV, I chose hotels only at Orbitz. Choose the city, then the dates and do your search. At some point, you are going to see a few different offers. 

I like to do my search for rooms by cheapest when I use Orbitz. I do this because in Las Vegas, you sleep, you wake up, and you leave your room. Sure I have standards too, there are some places I know to avoid - but for the most part they don't list the cheapo places there.

So this week, I am going to Las Vegas. I did a search (I went ahead and just went to Use Orbitz), and my wife did searches. She searched and the best rate she could find was about 15% higher then what I could find, by logging into Orbitz, and checking my email for discount codes. But it didn't stop there. It's a group get-together there, and people are coming in, from all over. They also searched, and came across the same high prices. This is why I have to whole-heartedly ask you When Traveling Use Orbitz.

When Traveling Use Orbitz TRICKS!

First, before you login or even visit the Orbitz website, clear your cookies. Depending on your browser, it will likely be in the menu area, and within something to do with Browser History. Remove about 1 week's worth, or if possible, do a search and remove anything with Orbitz in the name. There is a reason we are doing this, read on...

Now go sign up for an iBotta account on Google Play or the iTunes app store. It's important you do things, in this order, to maximize your savings! Signup, get approved. Once complete, got the next step.

Now that you have cleared your cookies, goto eBates. eBates is going to allow you to get 2%-9% cash back on your spending at Orbitz. So goto eBates using the link above, and then search for Orbitz. And click through to Use Orbitz.
IMPORTANT! Turn off all ad blocking temporarily. I have some pretty strict filtering with uBlock Origin, and absolutely nothing gets through, unless I allow it - not even referral codes from eBates.

So at this point, you should have an iBotta account and eBates account. You went to eBates, and clicked through to Orbitz, with your eBates account. Go ahead and use your Orbitz account to make your trip. When you are on the site, and about to click continue booking, there should be an option to add a promo code - click on it. DO NOT search for codes before you click on that link. It will open a special window. Now... do a quick search for Orbitz coupons - if you don't already get their email alerts. Apply a coupon which will work for you. Currently (for 2 more weeks, there is Masterpass, which saves $50 on a $100 hotel stay. Hotel10 for 10% off a 1-night stay. And Packyourbags for 20% off a stay for 2 or more nights). These will change as time goes on, but these are current, for at least the next couple weeks.

Now for me, I am getting the following 5 nights in Vegas, I am staying at Texas Station for 3 nights, then onto the Mirage for 2 more. I used MyVegas rewards for my stay at the mirage, leaving me about $50 in resort fees. I paid $250 for my stay at Texas Station - big weekend, I guess. Total I am saving by using Orbitz is about $100. IF I had searched with any of the other travel sites, my costs would have been much higher. I used by loyalty rewards ($15 Orcash), my eBates ($5 cash back), my iBotta ($25 cash back), and a coupon code (Masterpass). Which I also got, from being a loyal member of Orbitz. Total savings for this trip, including the MeVegas rewards - $375!!!

One Final Tip! When in Vegas, and you're looking for something to eat, don't just goto the nearest coffee shop in the hotel you are staying. Instead check out Groupon. Pick the cuisine you want, and then enjoy your deeply discounted meal or even other activities.

This is why I tell you When Traveling Use Orbitz. Of course the additional tips should also help out as well.

When Traveling Use Orbitz

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