Win More MyVegas Jackpots tricks

Maximize Chip Gain Strategy Guide

Win More MyVegas Jackpots tricksThere are 2 ways to ensure that you Win More MyVegas Jackpots. The first way to Win More MyVegas Jackpots, depends on when you play. It's best to play in the early mornings around 4am to 7am PST. I am not sure why this is, possibly less people playing causes you to have a better chance at grabbing those random jackpots. However this has been verified by multiple sources.

The second method to Win More MyVegas Jackpots, is a little more complicated. And again, I am not sure why it works, but I believe it messes with tracking of wins and losses. You might have noticed you will win a really big jackpot, then lose lose lose. This method, will clear the high win record, which in turn will give you a better chance to win again, or at least not go on the losing streak.

Win More MyVegas Jackpots

This guide was written and created with Windows Vista 32. If you need to do it on a different OS, or if some parts appear missing, please search with DuckDuckGo for an alternative method to the instructions shown below.

To clear your win/loss records...

You will need to clear your flash cache. We do this first clicking on the Start Button, opening the Control Panel, and then following the numbered instructions below.

Clear Flash Player Cache

How does this help you? It helps by saying to MyVegas - no, I didn't just win a huge jackpot, I am still waiting for one. This in turn will also cause the game to not try to get all the credits back. I find this works best on high payout, small chances of winning games like Betrock, China Mystery, Caddy Shaq, and Crystal Planet. You can of course try this with other games as well. 

Once you clear your Flash Cache, make sure to refresh your MyVegas browser window!

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