Neverwinter Bank for non-guilded players

If you aren't part of a guild, then finding a Neverwinter Bank might be a bit difficult. There are actually 2 different storage options which you can use, and you don't have to be in a guild to use them. Both Guild Bank alternatives are great for crafting, or can be used while leveling up, or simply to have a stash on hand of consumables you might need while questing.

Neverwinter Bank for non-guilded players


The first option, is to use the Neverwinter Bank located on the base level of Protectors Enclave, north of the auction house area, called Manycoins Bank. Neverwinter BankIt's a house that looks a little bit like a greek temple. However, it's not very big. The good thing about it is, that you can deposit all enchantment stuff inside of it and use it remotely everywhere.

Tip: When you're enchanting or refining use the drop down option to fill the slots, the enchants in your bank will show up on the list.

The alternative to using the Neverwinter Bank, is to use the mailbox. Just write a message to yourself and you can attach up to four items (or stacks) per message. This then allows you to set up a "bank" which you can use from anywhere that a mailbox is available.

Tip: Send yourself consumables or upgrades which you cannot use yet. This then can be accessed without running to and from the Neverwinter Bank.

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