Neverwinter Gold Making Strategies

There are a few different ways for Neverwinter Gold Making Strategies to be performed best. They depend on your situation, and whether or not you have AD, or for that matter what level you are. Below we will go into a few situations, and you can choose which is your best Neverwinter Gold Making Strategies.

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Neverwinter Gold Making Strategies

Neverwinter Gold Making StrategiesWhile questing is decent for Neverwinter gold, it's generally better for experience than cash. Skirmishes is where I've found the money tree. Grab Rhix's daily quest for it (to earn a bit of Astral Diamonds alongside) and run a level-appropriate skirmish several times, identifying and selling drops as you go. With what you have already, you'll earn your 5 gold (and then some) before you know it.

For a low level character, there is a very short period between 20+ when you actually need Neverwinter gold to buy a mount. Your mount tokens are more than enough to bide you while you earn gold normally through questing. You will soon figure out that you will always have an abundance of gold for potions and kits etc for the rest of the game.

If you are higher up, just identify and sell all blues you don't need. Sell all greens without identifying (I don't think it's worth it). It's easy to reach a hundred Neverwinter gold in a few days just selling all the blues and greens you get from doing dailies, campaigns, and dungeons.

If you have the Astral Diamonds, buy enchanted keys and sell them for 110-120g each. You will almost always find someone right away buying keys for gold.

Advanced Neverwinter Gold Making Strategies

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