Neverwinter: Make Astral Diamonds with Crafting guide


I was a little shocked at how little people understand about crafting. So below is a guide which will teach you how to make Astral Diamonds. I have made in excess of 50m Astral Diamonds, and am now passing on this information to you.

First, choose a crafting profession you want to start with. Choose from Tailoring, Plate, or Leather.


  • Huge money making potential
  • Can craft shirts / pants for your guild friends
  • Did I mention huge money potential?


  • Requires huge amounts of start up capital (astral diamonds, roughly 4m-4.5m AD)
  • Requires a lot of time spent in town (trading for materials)
  • Requires a lot of attention paid to the AH trends
  • Requires a lot of your precious capital to be tied up in Dragon eggs / stock (shirts/pants)
  • Takes up a lot of inventory space

Sounds good?

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