Neverwinter: Ninja Looting Tip

neverwinter_logo-smNeverwinter had their soft launch on April 30th, which means you can now play Neverwinter for free, and there aren't likely to be any roll backs. This is a time for you to get a feel for the game, to decide if you really want to play it or not. Currently the level cap is level 60, and you can experience all the content currently out. Level 60 dungeons, are a bit like heroic dungeons in this manner.

In dungeons, there is what some might call a faulty loot system. In Neverwinter, it's possible to Need Roll items which you don't actually need. This includes uncommon items which are unidentified and even blue items which are identified.

Ninja Looting is bad in groups. If you get a reputation for it, you can't get into groups, because everyone knows you ninja. But what if you ninja, without being obvious about it?

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