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OP Rogue Build

New DomainWe have changed over to a new domain due to spammers and DDOS attacks which have crippled this site on a regular basis. This has caused our users to not get their paid for content, and raised our costs to no end. As such, we have moved to a new domain as a last resort. This new domain will be in effect for some time, and is more in-line with the goals of this site, which is to provide chats and guides for MMOs, and to a lesser extent RPGs. Most people probably don't realize that while games like World of Warcraft and Rift are MMOs, so are games like MyVegas and other social games on Facebook. Yes, they are also classified as browser guides, but to this end, they are massively multi-played games which by definition is an MMO.

New Domain -

So from now until some unknown reason causes us to make another change, the Permanent and New Domain for this site, is MMOExploiters.


Please note: The domain is now for sale and has a history extending back 10+ years as the goto place for game exploits. Price? Send an offer via the contact form.

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