SOE acquired by Columbus Nova

SOE acquired by Daybreak Game CompanySOE acquired by Columbus Nova an indie studio and will be renamed to Daybreak Game Company, turning its focus to multi-platform gaming.  While the cost to purchase SOE is not yet known, it is believed that the information will become available with the 1st quarterly reports for Sony.

SOE acquired by Columbus Nova 

"Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Columbus Nova, an investment management firm well known for its success with its existing portfolio of technology, media and entertainment focused companies. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company. Yes, that means PlayStation and Xbox, mobile and more.

As part of this transition, SOE will now become Daybreak Game Company. This name embodies who we are as an organization, and is a nod to the passion and dedication of our employees and players. It is also representative of our vision to approach each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward."

We can see all the games currently offered by SOE to be changed in some small ways. These games include Everquest, DC Universe Online, Landmark, & Planetside 2, as well as some other games in development including H1Z1.

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