Asheron’s Call changes

Some of you may know that we our roots are in Asheron's Call.  It happened back in 2001 when the game was about 2 years old. We were called AC-Exploiters back then.  Nothing has really changed in the last 6-7 years that was noteworthy, except that they started charging $14.95 a month, for a game that can run on a netbook.  But it looks like yesterday, something changed.

I assume that has something to do with Warner Bros. taking over Turbine.  I also assume that it's a reward of some sort.

They are upgrading the grafix a bit, and the site has the pics to show for it. But I want to point out something that the AC Emulator people figured out 6 years ago... you can reskin AC to make it much better grafix.  The AC Emu team had actually reskinned some of the mobs, especially the Olthoi into the AC2 skins.  It has never been about not having the technology to do it, just being on the back burner for Turbine... as with any forgotten game which still makes them only $15k a month.

The next move, should be an expansion.  Whether or not they do it, will remain to be seen however.

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