Blizzard Black Friday Deal, plus other tidbits

First off, if you don't already know it, Blizzard if selling Vanilla WoW and TBC for $5 each, and $10 for wotlk.  Heck of a deal! You can get them at the Blizzard store.

Now, I also wanted to know what would happen, if I applied WoW Cataclysm, to a banned account.  Well, first the store does allow it.  But it remained banned. Since I paid with a credit card, I could have disputed the charge, but decided to instead call them, see if I could get them to unban the account.  The first thought of the CSR, was to unban it... he didn't though since it had been escalated in the past. In the meantime, they offered a refund, stating it would take 5-10 days.

I asked the CSR when the deal for the keys, will be over. He wasn't clear on that, however he did mention there was going to be a Black Friday deal. He slipped that one of them, was going to be Paid Character Transfers (PCT), for $5. After he let that one slip, he also recanted. So while I am not 100% that it will be a Black Friday deal, I would highly suggest checking out what they have to offer, when the time comes.

If you are a EU player, then the games keys, will sell for 5 EUR for Vanilla and TBC, and 10EUR for WLK.

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