Darkfall: Free Transfers from EU1 to NA1

It seems like only 6 months ago, that the big talk in Darkfall, was going to be the transfers.  People were leveling their characters, getting those skills up, waiting for that transfer to go online... and boom! they were going to be the champions of the NA1 servers.  Of course now that all this time has passed, and the NA1 servers have been online for quite some time, the fact that these transfers are free till the end of the year, makes me wonder if anyone will transfer now.  By now, those people who wanted to transfer are either no longer playing or have already made new characters on the NA1 servers, or they are even happy on the EU1 servers, because those months have passed, and they are in really nice alliances.

I wonder if the free transfer is now live, so that the devs, can get more players playing the NA servers.  One reason to throw in free transfers isto balance our servers, the other is to keep dead servers more alive - cause no one who plays mmo's wants to play by themselves.

If you are interested in the free transfers, the info is available here.  Just remember the deal expires on 31 Dec 2009.

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