FFXIV for 13.97 GPB Through Friday (UK Only)


Just a little Heads Up, Greenman Gaming, is offering 25% off FFXIV ARR both the normal and deluxe editions. You must be in the UK to get this deal (or maybe use a UK IP?) GMG25-3P6V5-3Q850 is the code to use (it can also be used for games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and others).

 Their 20% off voucher fort their "Hot Deals" GMG20-50Z66-SCTEU has been extended until Friday.

 For 20% off. you can  get Battlefield 4.  BF4 is almost here, so use Reward Voucher*** TAREM-BF4NA-BOOM1 for 20% off! You can even pre-load now, so go on – treat yourself to the best FPS of the year!'

 Or if you're not a Battlefield person, you’re in luck! You can use Reward Voucher** TAREM-GHOST-PROMO for a fantastic 15% discount on Call of Duty: Ghosts.


 Disclaimer: I am giving this info away since they gave me a free game a while back, and I wanted to repay the favor. I am not making any referral fees nor anything else which can be construed as a payment from them.

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