Gold & Platinum: Lowest Price Ever

Just wanted to make an announcement

I know that some companies are advertising in game for Rift plat as low as 12.5 cents each, now. To counter this, mmogoldsales has lowered the price to 12 cents per platinum, 50 minimum.

Oh and in case you think we forgot about you... EQ players can pick up EQ platinum for $12.95/100k. AFAIK, we are the cheapest around.

We also just lowered our WoW Gold price to $1.59/k (even though prices are on the rise).


I highly recommend if you are going to buy gold or plat, you do it from  Sure, you might be able to pick it up a little bit cheaper, but why go through the hassle of ordering from a company you don't know. When you buy from mmogoldsales, it's like you're buying directly from me.

We reward our loyal customers! Last year some of our customers received free powerleveling, free accounts, free gold and free platinum, as well as free in-game loot codes, as an end of the year loyalty reward! You still have time to earn rewards for being a loyal customer!

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