Lotro Lookout: Echoes of The Dead Instances / Shards

Couldn't think of a catchy title for this lookout edition (was thinking something along the lines of the Chardonnay Edition:)? to play on shards but...)

My friends and I haven't done the new instances yet, to be honest it might be a struggle to get 6 "hard core types" to do the _6_ man* instances let alone the 12 man* raid

*Using man as in this definition: one of the players on a team

Most everyone spent a few days just messing with the new relics thing, then did the new book, I had to play catchup; and did book 2 and the new book 3 in one night took less than seven hours for both books including TWO HOURS wasted on one quest because I was waiting for a visual cue that I was "satisfied"...

The lotro-wiki.com links have the bosses listed, and when clicking on the boss name you can see a screenshot of Knowledge of the Lore-master which shows you the most efficient damage type against each mob, and their mitigations.


Northcotton is just west of Oatbarton 22.9S 68.0W in Evendim

LOTRO First Look – New North Cotton Farm Instance! (DocHoliday) – TGN.TV

Lotro Northcotton farms Hm

Northcotton Cauldron - Tier II - Strategy

Northcotton Thadur - Tier II - Strategy

edit-> Doing NorthCotton now you need poison removal, poison resist lamb and mushroom soup, you need to do Beleriand Damage to kill the insects easiest; if a character retreats you CAN re-enter the fight through the web BUT it re-sets the boss, beware the cocoons, roots, and poison clouds.


Stoneheight is a 3-man instance in the Annúndir[9.5S, 50.1W] of North Downs.


Lotro Stoneheight


EDIT-> For HM in Stoneheight you cannot use any corruption removals, so the group leader should check that everyone has taken the following skills off their quickslot bars and asked the warden not to do any 3 place gambits

Corruption Removal Skills

Burglar: Improved Startling Twist

Captain: Improved Blade of Elindel

Champion: Feral Strikes

Guardian: Improved Sting

Hunter: Improved Merciful Shot

Loremaster: Dispel Corruption

Minstrels: Improved Herald’s Strike

Rune Keepers: Final Words

Wardens: Reversal Gambit (Spear, Fist, Shield)

Glacier Fortress

Glacier Fortress is a 6-man instance in the Sâri-surma [20.1N, 78.8W] of Forochel.The Entrance: Go to Sûri-kylä. Go all the way west of town. There will be a boat along the shore just west of it. Using the boat will transport you into the middle of the Glacier Bay of Forochel. It's actually nowhere near that relic from the Calm Before the Storm.


Glacier Fortress is a 6-man instance in the Sari-surma[20.1N, 78.8W] of Forochel.

Glacier Fortress First Look


Glacier Fortress 6-man instance Feedback (spoilers)

The Lost Temple

The Lost Temple is a 6-man instance in Nan Tornaeth [26.6S, 14.1W] of The Trollshaws.

Closest Campsite: [26.9S, 14.2W]


The Lost Temple is a 6-man instance in Nan Tornaeth of The Trollshaws.

CSTM Run of Lost Temple Instance - Part 1 of 7


Feedback: The Lost Temple (SPOILERS)


Ost Dunhoth

Ost Dunhoth is a 12-man raid in the Lich Bluffs of Enedwaith at [68.0N, 95.0W]. (By the "Monty Python" Rabbit)

Update 2: Ost Dunhoth Raid Developer Diary

LOTRO First Look - New Ost Dunhoth Raid! (DocHoliday) - TGN.TV


Lotro Eriadors Brigade "Ost Dunhoth-Wundfluegel"


LOTRO Ost Dunhoth Raid Snapshots


Ost Dunhoth feedback/suggestions *Very Long*

The stats

Ost Dunhoth features:

* Six bosses
* 15 trash fights
* Two Difficulty Tiers
* Six challenge quests
* 17 Deeds
* Zero radiance required
* 46 different trash and boss monsters
* Over 150 new skills
* Hundreds of effects
* Millions of little player deaths
* Some of the most epic story and drama moments in all of LOTRO.

New Instance loot list

What are challenge modes in the new instance cluster?

Northcotton: Don't use buckets on the cauldron
Stoneheight: Don't remove any corruptions on the bosses.
Lost Temple: Spawn and kill all of the corpses in the final boss room prior to killing the boss (they reset if you wipe)
Glacier Fortress: Kill all 4 Lieutenants during the Osan fight. This apparently leads to the 2 Guardians needing to be killed in the final boss fight. (This is the only one I haven't done yet.)

From the first day the patch went live we thought that to build up a quick amount of shards, that crafted the Crafted Relics for each character would be a good start as you can net:

64 Shards for the daily first tier crafted relic

158 Shards for the 3 day cool down second tier crafted relic

464 Shards for the weekly first tier crafted relic

or 1268 for the week, the second and third tier crafted relics require a quest reward item ingredient so just doing the daily first tier Crafted Relics would get you 448 shards

My one friend did a bit of deconstructing the first day (he heeded the advice to level his LI's to level 31) and had over 7000 shards the first day, and also commented that IXP runes dropped like crazy so.....

Dwayne of the GK,  sent the kin the following two bits of info:

Extracting Legacy Scrolls

We can now get the legacies we want by extracting them from weapons we are deconning and using the scrolls on our 2d age lv65 weapons. Normally, to extract the weapon must be one which can be wielded by lev60 or higher chars, and must be leveled up to item level 31. However, there is a way to bypass the former requirement. Say you have the legacy you want to extract in a lev 53 weapon. Extract it (item level 31), then slot it in a level 60 weapon. Then extract it from that (item level 31), and slot it in your 2d age level 65 weapon. I just did it and confirmed that this works.

Legendary Weapon Strategy

Legendary items have been reconfigured (and all current relics unslotted) with the recent patch. It is now relatively easy to get the exact legacies you want on your permanent weapons, and this should be done as soon as you decide which legacies you want. It is also easier to get better settings, but the new system is not easy to understand. Under the old system, relics could be unslotted and each tier was better than the one lower. Under the new system, settings cannot be unslotted without paying turbine points, and the diff between the lowest (T1) and highest (T6) tiers is negligible. Therefore, you should combine your old T1 (which are utterly worthless), acquire and slot new T1. Do not slot T2, T3, T4, T5, Unique, or singular relics. Decide which T6 or Extraordinary relics you want and just use your T1 until your T6 or Extraordinary are ready to be slotted. In general, your old relics should be combined asap (to avoid confusion with the new) except for some of the old T8 or T9, which are now T6.

3 Responses to Lotro Lookout: Echoes of The Dead Instances / Shards

  1. TomRiddle says:

    added list of corruption removal skills for Stoneheight HM

  2. TomRiddle says:

    What type of Tier 2 Armour token drops from which wing of Ost Dunhoth?

    Wound = Gloves
    Disease = Boots
    Fear = Helm
    Poison = Shoulders
    Ivar = Legs
    Gortheron = Chest

    Yes, Challenge mode ensures that 2 of each armour token drop, 1 in each chest. I’m fairly certain we’ve seen a 1st Age Token drop in each Challenge chest, but I can’t say that with 100% certainty.

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