Lotro Lookout: F2P TP info

We discuss the new Turbine Points, more in depth, find out how to remove the (harshest) penalties for 90 cents, how to earn them, where to find them, the cost of items, and the cost of the items in Turbine Points.  Got a question? Ask on our LOTRO Forums, from TomRiddle - our Lotro Guru.

While a few people think the f2p should be f2t (free to try), or forever trial 🙂 ... You could get to level 50 if you were REALLY patient.

Some things in the forums:

No Lotteries for a few weeks

The next two weeks are going to be really crazy around here!

  • PAX Prime starts next Friday and quite a few of us are going (Come say HI!).
  • Free to Play launches on the 10th (8th for Subscribers).
  • There are a lot of changes coming for the community sites (you're going to like them!)

With all of this and more going on, the lotteries are likely to run up against a lot of downtime, server config changes, updates, and heavy loads. Rather than risk players losing items or lotteries not going off as planned for whatever reasons, we've decided to postpone additional lotteries until things calm down a bit.

They aren't going away forever, just for a few weeks. Duwis has assured me that, once things settle down, we'll have all sorts of shiny new lottery tools to work with and possibly some of the changes you've been asking for. Not to mention items from the LOTRO Store will be added to the lotteries!

✮✮✮✮ Amphoras' List of ways to earn Turbine Points (Very Complete, 4 stars! so good it looks like I did it:)


ww2jacob's Beta Turbine Store Items Cost List (no images:)


Galdorad's Lotro Server Status v2.0

Server Status: http://status.warriorsofnargathrond.com

Queue Numbers: http://status.warriorsofnargathrond.com/?numbers

Mmorsel's TP Finder


how to use: http://lotro.mmorsel.com/2010/08/how-to-use-tp-finder.html

FissionChips' Knowledge of the Lore-master Compilation

Lore-masters have a unique skill that allows them to find a mobs "weakness"; what damage type it is most succepticle to.


When you start the free to try on September 10, 2010
you will have the three starter zones "quest packs" :

Ered Luin
The Shire
Lone Lands

To unlock the rest of the Shadow of Angmar's quest packs you would need (Turbine Point costs are from BETA so may change)

[Note that without having that zones quest pack activated you will _not_ earn any TP for killing mobs in that zone]

Quest Packs:
LLs 600
NDs 900
Evendim 750
Trollshaws 750
Forochel 750
MMs 750
Angmar 900
Eregion 750
Enedwaith 750

So after the three free starter areas you can have acquired a POSSIBLE 705 TP

But you will not have opened fast travel, increased bag space, removed gold cap, enabled the ability to POST auctions etc

So if I understand it you now start another character on another server (remember a FREE player can only have one character per account)

and do it all over again PLUS all the deeds from the lone lands

705 + 180 = 885 TP but unless the TP cost changes you have to roll ANOTHER toon on ANOTHER server to earn 15 more points to unlock the North Downs quest pack at 900 TP

Doing all the deeds in ND only brings you 145 TP and the next zone Evendim (which hopefully still includes Oat Baron) requires
750 TP to open so you have to go to another server (might as well use the one with the 15 point guy on it, delete him and grind out 605 more TP........

But you will not have opened fast travel, increased bag space, removed gold cap, enabled the ability to POST auctions etc

On mmorsel's page How to Earn Turbine Store Points

they say "Level an alt. The TP on your account is shared between characters, so the TP you earn on your alt can be used by your main character. If you are short on character slots, you can earn TP with a character on another server. Note that while this seems possible based on Turbine statements, it can’t be verified in Beta."

I had forgotten about the new dynamic layering which will create a new instance of a zone when the area exceeds 100, 150, 200?? we do not know but I DO know from having 11 chars 54 to 65 on several servers is that even having ONE other person competing with me for the critters needed in the kill quests REALLY slowed me down and to do just the deeds in say Breeland you will do 36 deeds (remember most deeds are two parts)

oh and there is a 90 cent special for Shadows of Agmar at http://www.gogamer.com/viewproduct.htm?productId=10201699&extid=August2510 So for 90 cents (ends sometime Monday August 30, 2010) plus $15 monthly fee gets you to vip then down to premium after you do not pay your next installment you would remove some of the harsher penalties.. see chart:


3 Responses to Lotro Lookout: F2P TP info

  1. TomRiddle says:

    The new TP Finder (I always chuckle to myself TP toilet paper?? this going to help my find toilet paper?? hmm Freudian slip my thinking lotro + toilet paper hmmmm )


    “We’ve been sleuthing for more ways to earn Turbine Points in-game, and now have what we think is a complete list (for beta). TP Finder v0.3 is a huge update from the previous version. It now shows all 5460 TP (5470 for minstrels!) with better ways to find the TP you can earn in the content you own.”

  2. geralt says:

    Guys i have done the spider deed in ne server but when i try to do it with another characteur on another server it doesnt happen.I killed 70+ spiders and i only need 60…

  3. TomRiddle says:

    Hi geralt,

    sorry you are having problems

    hmm going from memory, is killing spiders a racial deed?

    is the character on the other server the same race (dwarf, elf, hobbit, man) as the character on the first server?

    each race has different critters to kill to advance some skills

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