LOTRO: New Updates

Oath of the Rangers

Written by Ashling

Recently Turbine released Volume 3, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers onto the live LotRO servers. This patch includes a lot of much needed and eagerly awaited features such as four Skirmishes, new skill upgrades, new level 65 crafting recipes and the Depths of Nurz Ghashu instance.

Taken from the official website:


  • At the Necromancer’s Gate, a powerful Olog-Hai thinks he’s king of the hill, and your force must prove him wrong.
  • Before the Gate of the Ringwraith’s Lair, creatures of nightmare seek to lay a deadly trap.
  • Man the catapults! A powerful force seeks to capture the outpost at Thangúlhad, and you must drive them back into the darkness.
  • In the dungeons of Dannenglor, captured elves face torment and destruction, unless you can rescue them from the Enemy!

New Skill Upgrades:

When we looked at our list of “things we want to do,” sitting right on top was “add level 64 skill upgrades.” So here we are! The new combat system has had some time to mature, and we are feeling more comfortable with making additions to players’ skills.

New Level 65 Crafting Recipes:

  • Make your own power with new Level 65 recipes and updates to crafting abilities.
  • New icons and updated stats for all Jeweler recipes.
  • New recipes and more powerful products for Cooks.
  • New class items for Weapon smiths and Woodworker.
  • New crop recipes for Artisan, Master, and Superior Farmers.

The Depths of Nurz Ghashu:

One of the Rangers, mighty fighter for the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, has ventured into the fiery depths of Nûrz Ghâshu, believing that his daughter is trapped within. In this deadly new Skirmish, you must brave flame and madness to rescue a Ranger of the North who has been called to aid his future King. Should you fail, the hope of Middle-earth may be lost.

After doing a bit of research and asking a few friends who still play Lotro regularly, it seems as if this latest update has been exactly what the game needed PvP and PvE wise, they also say that they are seeing hundreds of new players ever since it went and that the game seems much alive again. Every since DDO went F2P/P2P it seems as if Turbine is getting things in gear as is greatly improving all their products, I recently went back to DDO to check it out, and I was surprised to see about 90-100 people in the starter zone on each server, with almost 100% positive replies about how much the game has improved.

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