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A whats new in Lotro

2009 was exciting, as for a while there were two major exploits which have both been removed on the NA servers and I believe the EU servers but may still be working (but being banned for) in the Russian server.

The NA Lotro is (to me) doomed, dying, done....
The life time subscribers get on mostly to talk they go through the motions just to have something to do while talking but most kins are reaching out to just get 6 people to do some of the instances (when you get begging tells from people every night needing a healer, and they say they thought yours was one of the biggest kins? and are told yeah but no one gets on anymore...)

The forced three month extensions that many had to buy to get SoM, expired March-ish and those that extended three months didn't re-subscribe after even getting our massive (complete in three hours) March 1st patch....

The Spring Festival is here but as usual Turbine can't even get that right a list of known issues: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=4510986

The spring festival maze map (seems to work the same as last year)

(Click to enlarge)

While you cannot actually turn in your token for a horse right now, tips on racing: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=309238

The developers said there would be prizes for 50+ characters this time:

The question I have - Will 50+ mobs drop new coins this time?


Yes. I'm hesitant to go into details because until something is Live you never know what might happen.

The March 1st patch changed the low level crafting quests (you could almost power level a new alt 4-5 levels by crafting/buying 26 items to complete 22 quests) but Turbine changed it so that you see no crafting quests until you choose a vocation and then ONLY those of your vocation) BUT again Turbine changed the three jeweler's quests items but the NPC's do not recognize/accept the new items wtg Turbine QA my workaround on still doing the 22 quests is here:  it's an update of the original Mazzlefizz guide....

Most of the instances that you could disband group and try to reset the lock out timers do not work either, or so I have read/been told

if your group of friends kin is breaking apart because when people do show up they do a solo skirmish (better reward/for time invested and many skirmishes were not properly changed to go into duo mode, they still do small skirmish (wtg QA!) and you cannot invite anyone into a group who is doing a skirmish I suggest using http://getgsc.com/ for free voice servers so you can stay in touch....


  1. I remember when Asheron’s Call started to really die. It was the beginning of the end for my first mmo I fell in love with. Yes, it’s still going, but so few people play now, it’s not worth returning. If Turbine is smart, they will start merging servers… it also explains why almost every other week I get an invite back to LOTRO… but for me *shrug* the game was too closed.

    You’re probably anti-WoW, but if you decide to play, I am on Dentarg Horde US. If you want to bring your friends with you, thats ok too.

  2. The other reason that almost everyone who gets on Lotro (in my conversations) is on founder pricing or lifetime subscription is that all my friends save three out of 15-20 (who get even once a week or month) have all been hit by employment/financial problems since 2007, lotro’s start up…

    we can’t really afford to play elsewhere, I am not anti-WoW but perhaps a little afraid of its addictiveness it’s really a matter of finances I’ve described myself lately as a homeless living in a home no furnace on despite my northern location my dependence on ramen noodles/pop corn to provide bulk/filler to exist on 5 dollars a day food/house hold items allowance

    If I ever got my prize of a game card won back in last July, I might give WoW a try see how far 50 bucks would give me subscription wise….

  3. Or you might use $50 to splurge and get something else, like more food, lol. Having said that and been there, let me share a few of my favorite low budget meals with you…
    • Macaroni & Cheese with chicken hot dogs. 3 hot dogs and a box will make 2-3 servings. Slice the dogs, and boil along with the noodles to cook.
    • Chili & Raman Noodles (cook noodles first, drain, add chili and cook – 3 packages with 1 can, makes 3-4 servings.
    • Ramen noodle with vegetables and sausage. 3 packages raman noodle, 2 different types of can veggies (drain first), and your favorite sausage (we use cheese stuffed chicken sausages). Break the noodles up before putting in the pot of water, pour veggies in, add the sausage. You can also add flavor packets if you like. When finished cooking, take out the sausage and slice. Makes 4-6 servings.
    • Wedge of lettuce. Cut a head of lettuce into 4 pieces (half and half again) pour on favorite salad dressing. Makes 4 servings.

    I think a game is only as addictive as the person playing gets addicted to it. I don’t play as much as I used to. I used to log 60-80 hours a week, when WoW was still vanilla and I was co-guild master. Now, it’s more like 8, and the only guild I am in, is my own for close friends and family.

    You might want to check out Runes of Magic though. That game is WoW like, but better in a lot of ways… and it’s free to play.

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