Lotro updates

A quick round up of what I have seen/heard at the forums

first a useful new option that some called the only good feature SoM has is the option under Chat to stop repeated letters in chat so no more WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW or ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

okay the game has been sanitized
the legacy stacking is gone and as I pointed out it was so easy to spot that the users got one week bans but if you got all your rad gear in one night doing SH in hard mode maybe that was good trade off for you...

the skirmish get to boss die and re-set him to get his usual 200 silver per kill is almost 100% nerfed with the addition of chests that spawn only once

the skirmish control point get more marks than intended trick has been nerfed

some classes were occasionally able to ID a legendary weapon and see more than 3 legacies, this was not working as intended and will be fixed in upcoming patch

The 25% exp bonus in skirmishes will be removed in an upcoming patch and trotted out on special weekends

the loot or the reason some people only do THIS skirmish is being addressed the skirmishes that are known to have good lieutenants to loot the loot will be decreased in an upcoming patch so there will be no reason to play THAT skirmish because players think it is a richer instance



There's a dev diary coming soon about the updates and changes to skirmishes with Book 1. The rewards balance is being adjusted and is in there, so I won't spoil too much. But, we are increasing the rates that Lieutenants will become sparkly by a very noticeable amount. However, this change does not mean you will be getting more cash and marks out of the spaces. We've shifted down the payouts of the bosses to balance this appropriately so at the end you will have the same amount as before, just delivered differently. We always wanted skirmishes to incrementally reward you as you go, and I think with the control points and with skirmish marks we did a good job of this. We didn't translate that well into the cash drops through the space, so this adjustment will help to take care of that. In addition to the fact that it's just exciting to see Lieutenants become sparkly.

As a second note, we are adjusting the bonus rates of Skirmish Marks and other mark drops in group sizes and tiers, but I'm not going to go into detail about that here, I'll leave that for the dev diary. But, to stave off the rampant speculation and pitchforks and torches, the solo tier 1 amount has not been dropped or nerfed to achieve the adjustments we're making.

end of quote

the new free content book 3 has been announced but even though they have listed changing jewellery icons as a big thing to look forward to things that appear to NOT be coming are:

new land mass
first age 65's
increased second age 65's

face it folks you (and I) are not getting anything of value anymore as a "free" update come next oct/dec there will be new land mass and first agers added for a cost

there are some almost howling threads at the main forum like:

When do we get the new skills, traits, virtues and class quests advertised for SoM?

and another has a great quote where is my promised legendary that LEVELS with me?

on a personal note I play all 9 classes and supreme master/kindred guild rep all crafts, and got my ninth guy past the SoM intro so all my crafters have their vineyards recipes and 4/9 (4/8 actually) have their SoM recipes except my cook who wasn't given any new recipes for that expansion (I do not count the crafted relics a proper cook recipe, they are hard to swallow)

that's the latest fortnight (or so) look at lotro well guess time to find a good download spot for that STO beta key I got.....:) but those games aren't really my cup of tea

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