Massive Aion Banwaves

It seems that the makers of Aion, have put in some anti-bot and anti-gold farmer code into the game.  This means that there have been some rather large and nasty ban waves which have been hitting over the last few weeks.  The gold farmers are a bit perplexed and most have not yet found a way to beat the system.

I have heard that the makers of MMOViper, are attempting to see if adding a rootkit to their bot will make it undetectable, as right now their bot isn't detectable, but better to be safe now then wait to get their arse's handed to them on a platter.  I assume that this means that mimicusa's (also known as mmomimic) bot is detectable.  In working in the past with mimic, I do not expect a solution on their part, till someone else finds one.

Power-leveling for Aion, doesn't seem to have been affected, as long as the levelers aren't using bots or hacks and are instead hand leveling.

2 Responses to Massive Aion Banwaves

  1. Spitt says:

    If you are really smart, you will find a visual bot instead and using a bot which interacts with the game’s memloc’s. A visual bot, only uses the screen to maneuver around the screen.

    Alternative bot types are those that read memory, but don’t interact with the memory.

  2. King_Yoshi says:

    The problem is (And I actually know a few people personally), that people who never even used hacks, and just played the game ALOT were banned too. When they contacted Tech Support, they were told they were banned for playing the game too much…

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