MMO: Want to write articles and get paid for them professionally?

Once in a while a site comes along offering something you think is going to be stupendous and right up your alley, right? As you probably already know, I have been asking for people to come here and write articles to get paid for them.  But maybe you decided you have a better chance elsewhere, or you just want to write for "legit" sites, that is sites that offer news, reviews, and guides only.  Today, I got an email from, describing just that.  They are looking for people to write articles for them.  At first, you don't get paid.  But if you get a following, you will make money with them.  Sounds pretty good, right?

Writers for not only entertain, but also provide information, news, expertise, and advice! A cosplay writer may cover the recent winners of an international cosplay contest, whereas a gaming writer may blog about the latest patch notes for a popular MMORPG. The job of an ongoing contributing writer is to cover the events and news that the community is excited to learn more about! While opinion pieces and reviews are welcome, strongly encourages its writers to go the extra mile and do research, interviews, and investigative articles.

•     Level 1 (Highest): Regular Correspondent - paid cents OR pence per word rate for a regular column/features
•     Level 2 (Middle Rank) - Paid Blogger, paid $5 (or £2.50) for each day that the blogger posts (minimum 300 words in each post); plus $2.00 (or £1.00) per thousand unique page views
•     Level 3 (No compensation) - Unpaid bloggers, get ranked by traffic, with the top traffic blogger each month being promoted to Paid Blogger (Level 2) status.

Personally, I am not impressed.  Until you get popular, it's no pay.  When you do get popular, it's $150 a month.  And assuming you become really really popular, thats when they pay per word.  Maybe it goes up to $250 a month? If you are that popular a writer, then the pittance they offer is nothing.  Even our plan is better then that.

If however you like the idea of what they are offering, you can follow this link to get more information.

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