News: Last Internet censorship bill was shot down. Whats Next?

Internet Censorship

As it turns out, the last bill put before the United States government which would allow them to basically shut down sites for "supposed" copyright infringement - including this one, was shelved. However the fight doesn't stop there. There is a new sanction being proposed which will now fall on the United Nations, giving it control of the internet, and removing control from even the USA to come in and steal TLDs (Top Level Domains - .com, .net, .org) from people. This one is actually scarier then anything we have seen thus far, and with the control going to the UN, the USA will only have a small voice in the matter.

More can be read about this over at the Wall Street Journal.

I have chosen not to just copy/paste the article, because the strength and weight of the article comes from who posted it. In other words, this is serious - go read the article, then call your senators and representatives to let them know this needs to be dealt with now, not later.... and then add your opinion in there as well.

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