Lotro: Pre-Purchase Rise of Isengard


hmmm, I feel a rise ..... my gorge begins to rise:)
A little more than I think I personally want to spend for just more grinding...

hamster on treadmill

You can choose from three flavors:



Cosmetic Armour

new cosmetic armour

new cosmetic armour


Cosmetic Horses


new cosmetic horses



More Info:

Could you post pictures of the Mount and Cosmetics ?


Confused about the horses http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?400019-Confused-about-the-horses

Consolidated Q&A http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?400013-Consolidated-Q-amp-A



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  1. TomRiddle says:

    new info found:

    25% bonus XP on ALL characters! (XP is on monsters only… does not include quests either. By the way, you have to equip it in a pocket slot.

    Sapience – Lead Community Specialist, The Lord of the Rings Online: “The items will be delivered to you immediately. Let me be very clear that the bundles as they exist will not be availalbe in the LOTRO Store. The mounts are not going into the LOTRO Store – either as a package or as a stand alone purchase.”

    Q-> Any way to purchase RoI with Turbine pts???
    (only way I get the expansion turbine not ever getting anymore $ from me)

    A-> Sapience – Lead Community Specialist, The Lord of the Rings Online:
    “Pre-orders cannot be purchased with Turbine Points. While we have not settled on final point pricing for Isengard once it is available in the store, the current thinking is it will be priced somewhere north of Mirkwood and Moria (the expansions, not the quest packs).)”

  2. TomRiddle says:

    PC Gamer’s E3 2011: Lord of the Rings Online’s Rise of Isengard expansion: first walkthrough by Josh Augustine at 05:15pm June 8 2011

    Let’s get my personal favorite news out of the way first: with Rise of Isengard, Monster Play will finally be free-to-play for everyone, instead of reserved exclusviely for subscribers. Monster Play is LOTRO’s version of PvP, where one team of players assumes control of “monster” characters like orcs, goblins, or spiders.

    But there’s a whole lot more going on then just an existing feature becoming free for everyone.This expansion is a doozy, with over 400 quests included (which can of course be purchased in quest packs semi-individually by strict free-to-play gamers) in its 3 new zones: Dunland, Rohirrim, and Isengard. Dunland and Rohirrim are two semi-primitive groups being pitted against one another by Sauron, which you need to convince to get along and fight their true enemy. The new zones remind me a bit of Age of Conan in their art style, with a strong medieval Asian vibe to the buildings and set pieces. It’s a great part of the Lord of the Rings story to flesh out–where Tolkein briefly mentioned a conflict, Turbine has brought entire civilizations to life in stunning detail. LOTRO’s newly-added phasing technology – which allows the world to change in response to your actions (save a town, and they stay saved, to your perspective at least) – is used to its full effect for the first time ever in these new zones.

    The level cap is being increased to 75, opening a bunch of new character skills and ways to customize your character as you attempt to bring peace to these warring people having to deal with Saurumon’s failed breeding experiments being dumped on their doorstep.

  3. TomRiddle says:

    from: http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/06/09/e3-2011-a-ride-through-lotros-rise-of-isengard/#continued

    Fortunately, for those who might be a little tired of typical questing, Turbine’s experimenting heavily with phasing technology this time around. This means that the game world will begin to react to your actions, changing as you complete quests. Phasing isn’t completely new to the game — Turbine’s already included it in past updates — but the expansion will utilize it so much more than ever before.

    Another nifty new feature is what Turbine is calling “mobile questgivers.” These are exactly what they sound like: questgivers who travel with you so that you can turn in and advance quest chains without having to stop the story to run all the way back to town.

    The expansion is filled with dozens of small improvements as well. Classes will not only be expanded as players level to 75 but receive skill and trait overhauls as Turbine strives to give players “more meaningful choices” in how they build and play their roles. Scaling instances will have their caps raised to 75 and will stock their coffers with better and more shiny loot. Crafting will head into Tier 7 with plenty of new recipes to boot.

    We also learned that the virtue cap will be raised from 10 to 12, giving players more ways to increase their character’s stats.

    Unfortunately we weren’t able to take pictures of these areas, as the zones aren’t completely finished (all of the wildlife is represented by placeholder cows right now — oh, yes, there is a secret cow level of sorts!). But what we can tell you is that it looks absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait for September 27th to get here!

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