Runes of Magic: Halloween screenshot contest

What an awesome idea!!! Just got this new email from the Runes of Magic Newsletter, telling me about their new contest.

Start trying on costumes and decorating those houses and Guild Castles. The second phase of the Runes of Magic Halloween Event is underway.

From Monday, Oct. 19, to Wednesday, Oct. 28, send us screenshots of your best and most creative in-game decorations for the following categories: Costume, House and Guild Castle. We'll pick three winners for each category and send each a unique in-game costume!

Click here for more information.

Of course, there's only one problem... Today's the 29th, and the contest ended yesterday.  So while I appreciate the offer guys, it's seriously time you start planning things in advance.

Runes of Magic, Halloween 2009

I should mention that the above contest was only one of the many that Runes of Magic has going, but I just wanted to share that one as an example of planning gone wrong.

Tip: For what ever game you play, sign up for their newsletter.  Often they will give you special codes that you can use in game, or tell you about special events. We even have one 😉

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