Site News: Just added strong anti-spam

Due to increased spam, we have added an anti-spam plugin. There is a chance that you will be blocked. If this happens, contact us via Facebook with your IP and we will remove you from the blocked list.

I removed the captcha which wasn't showing up from the comments form. I am not sure why captchas do not show on it. I had enabled it yesterday to see if I could get it the spam to slow down a little bit.  

We have been doing all this in an effort to stop the shut downs on the website. This is also why we originally went to a server instead of standard hosting (and a part of why we raised subscription costs - to pay for a server, rather then a host $120 vs $20).

Since installing the new anti-spam, in the last 8 hours, over 100 intrusions or spammers were black listed. I think in conjunction with the security addon, that this might work a bit better. The Security addon is more passive, while the anti-spam is aggressive.

Really however the only way to know if this all works, is to wait to see if the site goes down again or not. I am hoping for not.


Update: 2 days in, and this is what's been caught;
Stopped 1209 spammers since 2013/11/25

Still a bit hard to believe that spammers are the cause of the DDOS attacks
which have been bringing the site down so often.

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