Star Wars the Old Republic: Classes, Video, & News

Multiplayer Combat Video Released

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I probably would write it all off as a joke, however after watching the video it totally dawned on me that SWtOR was in fact a multiplayer game! /endsarcasm.

But jokes aside this is the first actual multiplayer combat video of SWtOR that has been released and it’s flippin flappin amazing, right off the bat you’re introduced to all 4 classes while they do their special emotes and have their roles described.

First you have the Trooper who is so badass that he tanks with a giant shotgun; next is the Smuggler who apparently has a lot of spare money and is classified as sort of a support damage class; next is the Jedi Knight (drool) which is classified as pretty heavy melee dps; and lastly is the Jedi Consular who is described by this sentence “If she lets the trooper die, everyone is done for” which I’m going to assume makes her the healer.

I’d try my best to explain the battle but it’s all a haze, the only thing I remember is me staring as the screen with my jaw dropped, I don’t think I blinked for about 30 minutes after I watched it.

After watching this video it pretty much made up my mind which game I’m going to be playing for the new few years, I’m just happy to see that the majority of people were wrong when they were saying that the game is too “cartoony”, personally I think the cell shaded look of it is pretty awesome.

Enough jibba jabba, follow the link!

SWtOR Multiplayer Action!

SWtOR Not Coming to Consoles Anytime Soon

Don’t kill the messenger, remember I just gave you guys an awesome SWtOR multiplayer combat video.. 
SWtOR isn’t coming to consoles! Alas there’s no hope of smuggling pink lightsabers on your PS3 or Rogaine made for Wookiees on your XBOX360.

So what does this mean? Probably nothing, if you're reading this you most likely have a computer and play an MMO and thats the audience SWtOR is targeting. It does mean a potentially smaller player base. I was a big FFXI player/fan I always found it somehow satisfying that I could connect with the console gamer in me, while still keeping a firm grasp on my MMO addiction!

The main thing I hope is that if, er, (crosses fingers, toes and ears) WHEN the game is a huge success, that Bioware may reconsider their decision so I can lay on my couch eating popcorn and kill me some Gormaks..

2 Responses to Star Wars the Old Republic: Classes, Video, & News

  1. Pravenal says:

    Yeah I hated this news as well because imho anytime you decrease the possible player base, then I have less customers to sell my wears to.

  2. Pravenal says:

    Yeah the Trooper did look badass didnt he! I also liked the game style of the smuggler and basic healer in the Consular looks like it will be a necessity as well. So many fun choices to be made…

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