Starcraft 2: Is Warden Active?!?

For those who don't know what Warden is, it's the program that was custom made by Blizzard to stop game hacks from working.  It's responsible for killing off over 100,000 accounts worldwide.  What difference does this make to you? It means that bots and gamehacks, are on the rise, and Blizzard plans to do something about it in Starcraft 2.

We know that Warden can watch the game for memory injection (faulty), can watch for specific programs (accurate), and starts watching once the client is open - not after you login on the game.

If you do get caught cheating, they will usually give you 1 warning with a 3-7 day suspension.  After that, it's insta ban.  You should however still be able to play single player, just not multiplayer.

I do not know if it is actually active or not, however I have read a couple people state that it is.  So be on your toes, if you use bots and game hacks.

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