LOTRO: Summer Festival starts June 29, 2010

Summer Festival 2010

Once a year, the Free Peoples of Middle-earth gather to celebrate Summer with horse races, fishing, dancing, and many other summer-themed activities!

The Dwarves of Thorin’s Halls are well prepared for the rigourous Keg-races that will take place this summer in Frerin’s Court. The four contestants all have a great deal of experience with running about in pursuit of the next mug…and naturally with downing that mug as well. Who will win? Place your bets and let the Dwarves fall where they may!

To the north of Hobbiton’s center, up beyond the Party Tree, another party of extraordinary magnificence is taking place. The very best cooks throughout the Shire have contributed samples of their favourite vittles for the most exciting event of the year: The Taste of Hobbiton! The four fastest and hungriest hobbits in the Shire have been chosen to compete in a race to taste it all. The winner, and his family of course, will have the great honour of proving their hearty appetite and speedy legs to be second to none! Don’t let their size fool you; even the smallest of Hobbits can pack away a hearty meal. Choose wisely!

Prove your skill as a horseman by participating in one of the special races that take place around the clock in the Shire and at the Bree festival grounds. Winners can brag about their achievement all year long from the back of the new Pale Golden Summer Steed!

Become a member of the Tavern League or join its arch rival, the Ale Association! These rival factions have declared all-out war on one another. Garner reputation as you complete tasks for your chosen faction, but remember you’ll lose favor with the opposing side. The consequences are now greater than ever!

Will you earn enough standing with the Ale Association to gain entry to their new Reputation Hall, or take on the ultimate challenge and curry favor with both groups with all new quests for each faction?

Perhaps a freshly packed pipe is your preferred way to unwind? Scavenger hunts are a great way to experience all the different and unique blends of pipe-weed to be found in Middle-earth. Make sure you try the Shire’s famous “Old Toby”!

What’s a party without dancing? There are plenty of opportunities to show off your best moves or learn new ones! Dance masters can be found throughout the world, ready to teach adventurers the latest steps from their homelands.

If you prefer a slower pace, fishing derbies take place throughout Middle-earth in Thorin’s Hall, Bree, Celondim, and the Shire. How many fish can you catch in the allotted time? Find out, and win titles and a trophy for your house!

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    Summer Festival Known Issue
    The Quest, “Quite a Pickle” is not updating the deed log for “Inn league Delivery” correctly. Also, “A Dark Day” is incorrectly updating both its own status and the status of “Quite a Pickle” upon completion. This may result in confusion as to whether or not you have completed the “Quite a Pickle” quest and successfully completed the deed. When all quests are completed correctly the title “Do-gooder” will be awarded. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    from: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=4771033#post4771033

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