TOR Search Engines

TOR Search Engines

TOR Search EnginesBy now, I assume you have heard of TOR, but to effectively use TOR, you need TOR Search Engines. TOR has evolved over the years to become something which I never imagined. TOR is actually short for The Onion Router. It allows you to hide your true IP, by constantly switching it. For site owners, it also allows for hidden websites, also sometimes refered to as a darknet. Much of these hidden websites only allow the use of Bitcoin for payment, which we will go into at a later time.

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Are you missing websites, or want to change your "virtual" location? You need a VPN!

TOR Search Engines

If you have ever wanted to check out what is available, you can use the following information to first, get your own TOR browser, and second to Search for TOR hidden content. Use Tor Browser Bundle to access hidden services.

Note: The following search engines can be searched with a standard browser. To search with TOR only, remove the ".city" from the end of them.

Generic TOR Search Engines:

Market Search Engines:

If you have been coming across websites which no longer seem to resolve for you, you also have a few other options. You can try using Pirate Snoop, a browser which allows you to see ISP blocked websites (Comcast is well known for hiding them). You can attempt to use your own DNS Service, via OpenDNS - you add the service to your router or browser, or even your Internet Connection. Alternatively, you can also use a VPN to both encrypt your data, as well as to unlock region restricted information.

Jinx 300x250Interestingly enough to be able to bring you this information, I had to employ some of which I spoke about above, as I needed to verify it was all correct. I do have a VPN that I can employ, but I wanted to know how hard it would be, to get you the correct information, if I was blocked and had no VPN. So first, I needed to install OpenDNS in order to access Pirate Snoop from a Comcast ISP connection. Doing that, opened the door for me. But this still leaves my IP open for anyone to read, and will block my access if I am region restricted, which is where the VPN comes into play. I was able to access the TOR Browser, but that only opens me up to actually visiting the Darknet. While it can access websites (besides on the Darknet), it isn't always the fastest route, and not with my Opera browser. S

o in the name of freedom from censorship, I suggest a VPN. I do not suggest TOR and the Darknet if you aren't running the latest security softwares (Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a MUST). If you are and are curious whats on the Darkent, then by all means install TOR and visit the TOR Search Engines. A VPN does encrypt all that you access and can be used from a wifi hotspot as well as on your phone or tablet. But if you want access and don't mind an unsecure network, then the OpenDNS route is also an option.

Know any good TOR Search Engines? Post them as a reply and I'll add them to the list.

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