Trion Announces Layoffs

In a not quite unexpected move, Trion has announced there will be some layoffs. With the job market being just about nil, as well as the economy being in a down cycle, plus Christmas around the corner... it kinda sucks. But like I said not quite unexpected. I have long believed that Trion would make Rift Free-2-Play, and am actually kind of surprised they haven't as of yet. I do not know the amount of subscribers, but every month it seems like a shard gets closed, and we have one less to play on. With this in mind, I wonder how long it will be before they follow one of the F2P models out there. They have done wonders for other games.

Defiance looks like an awesome idea, SyFy is on board, Trion is set to release... but of course Micro$oft and S0E don't like the idea of working with each other, so there are issues. But imagine a game where you play on your PC, a buddy plays on their XBox360, and another on their PS3. That's what Trion is trying to orchestrate. Now add in the element of a TVShow which dramatically affects the online play, and that's Defiance... Defying all the gaming type systems out there, to bring about a new immersive game-play.

End of Nations is kind of what StarCraft 2, should always have been, at least as far as multi-player goes.

When it comes down to it, from what we can see, Trion is strong... but to be honest we can't really "see" since it's a private company and in no way needs to share the information on subscribers, profits, or even losses.

Click for more info on the what Trion has going on...

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