We are aware that the site keeps going down

We are aware that the site keeps going down. We have contacted a few different people in the hope of solving the issue, where the site keeps crashing. We have slimmed down the database, optimized it, removed transient objects from options, have a working firewall and anti-spammer plugin, at the same time as we disable various plugins to attempt to find a solution. We have tried to slim down the crashes and are now attempting to find the trigger which is causing the crashes.

At this point in time, we do not have a definitive answer as to why the site keeps crashing, but are continuing to work on it.

NOTE: We are holding back on new posts for a couple days - this is intentional to see if new posts are part of what is causing the crash. 

Jan 20 update: Problem found. We still have work to do. Need to update a couple plugins, may have to switch membership software. Will cause issues in the short-term, solve some in the long-term. More updates on our Facebook page... also some memes and interesting gaming related images.

Jan 21 update: Trigger was the subscription plugin. We are updating it. Site should be back to normal soon, posts should resume tomorrow.

Please accept our apologies for any downtime, while we look into this matter.

News for this site will be up on our Facebook page, as soon as it is available.

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