World of Warcraft: Why you should buy gold now!

First off, this isn't just a plug for my site,, you can use this anywhere you like to buy gold.  The important thing is that if you buy gold, that you buy it now and not later.  Here's why... A few years back, gold farmers learned that if they scammed accounts, they could take all the gold, farm a little more with hacks, and then not worry if the accounts were banned.  An account might last 3-7 days on hack farming, and at level 70, they were reaping in 2k a day (non-hackers were doing 1k a day).  I have no idea how much they can make at level 80.  However, now that Blizzard added the accounts, scammed account supplies are running out quick!  This means that soon, the only gold farmers will be legit farmers, who either level their own accounts, or buy them.  What this all means, is that the gold price, is about to spike and go higher then it's been in the last few years.  I would not doubt that we see the rate jump to at least $15 - $30 per 1000 soon.  Now that gold farmers are going to have to buy keys and accounts, once they factor that into gold prices, they are going to zoom!

Yah, I know, you won't believe me when I tell you that is not a hack farming gold company.  The only way I can offer my proof, is that our prices are slightly higher then the competition.  The guys you normally buy gold from, that sell it for super cheap, get it super cheap.  When a company pays more for it, they are getting it from non-hack farmers.

Anyways, back to the point at hand... buy gold now.  Buy is from or buy it from whoever is your regular supplier.  Don't wait till prices start going up.

Tip: Want to know who's a legit company, when it comes to gold and leveling? Check out  People can tell their horror stories there.  Want to see one of the worst? Look up "powerlevelings" and find the site with that name.  Cheapest doesn't always mean it's the best :p

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