WoW News Snippet: Re: Blizzard Store

More and more, it seems like Blizzard is making WoW into a micro transaction store.  I just read that they now added a Celestial mount, and some weird robot critter companion.

I want to mention that when I looked at the source code of the page, that the celestial mount, shows a limited run of 100, whereas 12 have been sold and only 88 of them are left for sale.  This will make this an extremely rare mount for WoW US players.  I find more interesting that there is a limit to 10 purchases at a time.  Makes me wonder if an enterprising individual will go out there and snatch some up, for sale use later.

You can check out the flying mount over at the Blizzard Store.

Celestial Mount, courtesy of

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  1. Spitt says:

    Update regarding the mount. If you buy it, you get it on all your characters on every server. That actually makes it worth the $25 imho, because an epic flying mount on all characters would cost ~10k on one server and the going price of WoW gold is about ~$6/k ( right now.

    Also, there is a bug which allows you to use it while in the water, giving you a speed boost as well.

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