FullScreenMario DMCA issued – Get the Source Here

It's official, Nintendo has FullScreenMario DMCA issued. What is FullScreenMario? It's an emulated version of the original Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. Originally, it could be played at fullscreenmario.com, but alas it's been taken down, along with it's github repository - but all is not lost...

FullScreenMario DMCA issued

Nintendo issues DMCA for FullScreenMarioThe “Full Screen Mario” browser game was different in many aspects. It allowed people to play the original 32 levels, and also included a random map generator, and a level editor, features in which Nintendo later released in its own “Mario Maker” game.

“Nintendo recently became aware that certain material posted on the web page located at [GitHub] infringes copyrights owned by Nintendo,” reads a DMCA notice which was sent to GitHub a few hours ago.

In total over the last 3 years since the project was live, the site received well over 2.7 million visitors - absolutely amazing! But now, Nintendo pulled the plug with their DMCA tactics and removed the source and game itself. But all is not lost...

You can download FullScreenMario here...

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