No Man’s Sky Hints & Tips to get you started

I've been playing No Man's Sky for a bit now, and wanted to share with you these No Man's Sky Hints & Tips which have helped me to succeed (thus far) in the game. These are only 8 tips to get you started, the full guide is in the works and will be released at a later time.

No Man's Sky Hints & Tips

  • no-mans-sky-hints-tipsDo not go AFK for too long. Spending time on a planet's surface consumes the power supply of our life support system, which must be regularly recharged. If we deplete your energy reserves, our character will die. Furthermore, weather conditions on the planets can vary, for example, at night the temperature can drop significantly, and during the day we will face vicious storms that significantly reduce the time our character may spend outside the ship. If we want to leave the game for a while, it is safer to do so with the character sitting in the cockpit of our spaceship.
  • Every planet has significant deposits of carbon, zinc, iron and any one of the fuels available in the game, making it virtually impossible for us to get stuck on a planet that because of poor resource management - in the worst case, we will be forced to take a long walk on foot to resupply.
  • Hoarding resources other than fuel isn't really worth it - what we procure on the surface of a planet (and what we do not need on the spot to improve or repair something) is better sold for any kind of profit than left to occupy our precious inventory space until it may or may not be useful or sold for 3 percent more cash. Sooner or later we'll stumble upon this resource once again. And even if we don't, we can always buy it for credits - assuming we empty our cargo hold regularly, we will soon collect enough money not to fret at the thought of purchasing this or that resource on the market.
  • The Scanner is a source of some very valuable information. By looking at the color of the marker we are able to determine what can be found in a particular location. The red markers indicate isotopes (i.e. various types of fuels), yellow ones - oxides (usually containing zinc), blue - silicates (most often with platinum), and the white ones lead to one of the much rarer elements, usually highly-valued on the market, such as aluminum or gold, or perhaps to a gift box. The purple color symbolizes Knowledge Stones that allow us to learn a single word of an alien language, while the darkgreen markers usually lead to camps where we can find transmitters or buildings.
  • We should also use the Scanner when off-world. Very often, it enables us to discover mineral deposits, trading outposts, wrecks or even factory located somewhere on the planet's surface, and save time on searching for a suitable place to land.
  • When we go planetside, it is good to first decide on a suitable landing spot instead of choosing one at random. If we can land in the vicinity of a building that enables us to trade, we can save time on trips into space and back.
  • Sometimes we can come across a wreckage of some other spacecraft. This is a free opportunity to swap our current vessel for a better one, but you should keep in mind that the "new" vehicle will have most of its components damaged and restoring the ship to a usable condition can be very time consuming - sometimes it is outright more cost-effective to purchase a new, fully operational vessel on a space station.
  • The easiest way to solve the problem of shortage of space in our inventory is to proceed through the game's plot until we acquire the AtlasPass v1 access card. The card will enable us to buy additional inventory slots on the space stations (which are found in every system) we visit. While it is a one-off purchase on each station, after visiting several star systems, our problem of lack of space will become much less annoying. If we do not yet have an AtlasPass, we have to carefully explore the planets - sometimes the opportunity to increase our cargo capacity awaits at landmarks.

Hopefully these No Man's Sky Hints & Tips will help you to achieve greatness within the game. If you have any No Man's Sky Hints & Tips you would like to add to this list, please leave a comment below.

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