Otherland (beta): What is the deal with beta testing these days?

I saw this posted on Facebook, regarding Otherland's MMO in beta. Read the rant about beta keys, the reply, and how to get into beta on any game - it's similar on how to find cheats 😉

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@Otherland This has gone too far an the great Stuart needs to step in.

Ok, what is the deal with beta testing these days? When I first started online gaming, the people taking part in Closed Beta Testing where out sourced game testers or professional gamers. The companies these days seem to be releasing their games early to a select few as a marketing ploy.

The game as it exists is probably good enough for OPEN BETA TESTING (which is a phase of testing which most companies seem to have forgotten about these days) but they wont let just anyone play. Oh no. They want to taunt us like the painted wonders in a dickensian toy shop window taunt the small orphan child standing outside with his nose pressed against the glass.

This was discussed in an episode of South Park where Cartman owned a theme park and used the marketing strategy of "You cant come". I feel that Otherland is doing a similar thing in order to increase the hype of its game so people will be willing to part with any amount of money when the game is FINALLY released.

We all know what will happen then. The same thing happened with Tabula Rasa, Phantasy Star Universe, Legend Of Mir and so on. Once they have enough players paying out of the nose to finally play a game they have been interested in for years, the company CEO's will close down the server and do a runner to Hawaii.

Sorry to go on a rant but either release it or don't release it. Don't sit on the fence holding it just out of reach of people. CBT is supposed to be CLOSED BETA TESTING. Not Closed Beta Testing but we are going to rub it in your face every day with very public and not closed announcements. How about you shut the hell up until you are ready to stop taunting people for your own amusement and let them play a game that you announced probably back when you hadn't even started work on it?

To which Otherland replied thusly;

@Stuart - Nice guesswork, but South Park is very far from the actual reality. 😉 Don't worry, as we get through the initial phases we will be inviting more people to stress the servers and get more feedback on certain systems. CBT testing is not used as simply a marketing ploy - the final game undergoes many changes as a result of CBT feedback. We do most of our CBT messaging quietly, but in cases such as this when we are doing a big server load test for a few short hours, we need to get the word out to everyone quickly. Patience will reap great rewards!

But you have to remember, that's only part of the story.  If you are looking to get into beta or even alpha, then follow this info...

@Stuart/OtherlandHaving been a beta/alpha tester for many many games, let me assure you that you are correct. It is a marketing ploy as is dangling the keys over people's heads in an effort to promote the game and get more responses from people. They want more interaction, and those who do interact more, will be rewarded with keys.

Now here's where I tell you a secret to getting into beta/alpha for any game... you ready? After you apply, interact. Read the forums, post on the forums, read what has happened, solutions to problems, and begin figuring out for yourself possible solutions, then when someone posts a bug, go ahead and tell them the work-around, or what can be done such as updating drivers (and sometimes downgrading them), trying something like game booster, defragging their hard drive, or whatever other solution might have been posted.

Beta testing, even open beta testing is the want to finding bugs and fixing them. Most people these days want to get into beta to play the game for free before it's actually released, getting a feel for the game, and choosing how to level the fastest.

When you interact and show you are interested in the development of the game, then you will be the kind of person that game companies will more likely give a key to.

And for the record, alpha testing is not as fun as you might think. Sometimes your mob is a pink cube with a developer's face on it. The graphics will be low rendered, and the game play might be spotty at best. Testing is for testing. Closed beta, it's for ironing out the last few bugs, and getting people hyped. When a game hits open beta, it's for polishing.

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  1. unfortunately, most of those wants to join a CBT are there only for the first access privilege… only a few people really helps in the beta testing of the game…

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